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The Corriedale sheep is found on sheep farms all over New Zealand. It’s wool has a clear even crimp and is smooth and easy to spin or felt. The sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed. Spin a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It is ideal for baby wear, woven, knitted or crocheted garments.

The dyes comply with the strict EU regulations and garments made from the sliver can be certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
This standard is the most widely known standard for certification of ecologically-safe clothing. (Detailed information can be found at


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Lemon, Yellow, Cheesecake, Tangerine, Pumpkin Pie, Blush, Honey, Butterscotch, Toffee, Orange, Chilli Pepper, Cookie, Marshmallow, Strawberry, Nutmeg, scarlet, Cherry Red, Cupcake, Candy Floss, Pansy, Orchid, Raspberry, Aubergine, Lavender, Grape Jelly, Lilac, Magenta, Purple, Amethyst, Ice, Lagoon, Bubblegum, BlueBerry Pie, Blue, Indigo, Mint, Kiwifruit, Green, Spearmint, Turquoise, Green Tea, Lime, Bean Sprout, Olive, Fern Green, Chocolate, Liquorice, Fog, Grey, Fluro Lime, Fluro Orange, Fluro Pink, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Blue