Looms Q & A

Are there any major differences in the functionality between the Rigid Heddle and the Knitters looms? There is no difference in the functionality, except that The Knitters Loom can fold up and the options for weaving width. 

Do you have more boat shuttle size options that will become available? They come in 29cm and 35cm. My personal preference is for a 35cm, as then it is versatile, but if your weaving will be under 50cm, then you should find the 29cm to be more versatile. Also if you have small hands, you may prefer the 29cm

for tapestry weave​ I can recommend the following:https://woolcraft.co.za/shop/ashford-weaving-frame/
The small frame also comes in a kit form: https://woolcraft.co.za/shop/ashford-weaving-starter-kit/

Tapestry weaving is more decorative/creative weaving 

For regular weaving I can recommend the following: This is the link for the ‘entry level’ one that I mentioned. My closest friend adores here and weaving on it all the time: https://woolcraft.co.za/shop/weaving-loom-rigid-heddle-sampleit/
​This link is for a rigid heddle looms that function in the same way as the sampleit, but is available in bigger sizes and is slightly more refined and offers a second heddle kit: https://woolcraft.co.za/shop/weaving-loom-rigid-heddle/
The last one I can mention is the Knitter Loom. It is the ‘mercedes’ of rigid heddle looms. While it is also offers the same  functionality as the sampleit, it has a second heddle kit. it also comes pre assembled and folds up nicely for travelling. https://woolcraft.co.za/shop/weaving-loom-knitters-loom/
Regular weaving is also rewarding and can be creative, but is often more focused on weaving fabric for scarves, cushions etc