Ashford – The Complete Weaving Kit


With the continued increase in the popularity of weaving, this kit certainly does take the hassle out of buying gifts for friends and family. Ideal for those who have an interest in trying out, taking up or just dabbling in weaving.

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The Complete Weaving Kit Includes the following:

· 40cm (16″) SampleIt Loom

· Canvas carry bag to fit the 40cm (16″) loom and accessories

· One 30/10cm (7.5dpi) reed

· One 20/10cm (5dpi) reed for the yarn included in the kit

· 2 Shuttles

· Warping Peg and Clamps

· Finishing Wax Polish

· Learn to Weave on the SampleIt Loom Booklet

· The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving – full of ideas and techniques!

But wait there’s more – we have also included yarn and full instructions for your first project…

· A 100gm skein of Ashford Merino Bouclé Looped yarn – this yarn is light, super soft and super quick to weave. 85% fine 22 mic Merino/15% Nylon binder, which also dyes beautifully with Ashford Wool Dyes.

· Full instructions to weave a sophisticated, luxurious, lightweight but super cozy scarf or shawl.

· We have even included the cotton yarn to leash your warp on!