Nurturing Fibres Yarn Eco-Cotton


EcoCotton is a 100%  Cotton South African yarn available in 50 hand dyed colours.  Can be worn directly against the skin and used for knitting, crochet, weaving, arigurumi projects

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EcoCotton is an exciting yarn to work with and is popular with knitters and crocheters alike. It is wonderfully versatile, it can be used for everything from cardigans to blankets. This soft yarn can be worn directly against the skin.

Nurturing Fibres has a variety of patterns designed for this yarn that can be found on their  pattern page.

Weight: Double Knit
Yardage: 125 meters to 50g
Needle size: 3.5mm to 4mm needles
Fibres: 100% Cotton

If you would like to mix it up with some speckles, have a look at the Nurturing Fibres Eco-Cotton speckles. You will find combinations as follows:

  • Raindrops: Vanilla, Aventurine, Ocean & Cobblestone
  • Tidal Pool: Aventurine with speckles in Ocean, Cobblestone and Paris
  • Magnolia: Blossom with speckles in Mulberry, Rose & Gluhwein
  • Emily: Vanilla, Saffron, Sweet Pea & Seashell
  • Joy: Sweet Pea, Aventurine & Lime
  • Bliss: Orchid, Mint & Watershed
  • Sandstone: Karoolands, Anvil, Winebarrel & Pecan
  • Earth: Vanilla, Anvil, Fawn & Seashell
  • London: Anvil, Aventurine, Sweet Pea & Lavender
  • Savannah: Vanilla, Old Gold, Willow & Anvil

*this yarn is hand dyed, no two balls are exactly alike, colours may vary slightly*

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Vanilla, Mint, Watershed, Aqua, Aventurine, Baltic, Ocean, Denim, Cornflower, Lavender, Lilac, Paris, Violet, Bordeaux, Ruby Pink, Sweet Pea, Blush, Orchid, Seashell, Pickled Ginger, Sunkissed Coral, Persian, Sahara, Saffron, Sunglow, Old Gold, Bessie, Pear, Lime, Willow, Forest, Olive, Emerald, Charcoal, Cobblestone, Anvil, Mist, Fawn, Karoolands, Winebarrel, Coco, Pecan, Patina, Wisteria, Winebarrel, Blossom, Rose, Mulberry, Gluhwein, Donkey, Squirrel