Ashford Lazy Kate Upright


Vertical lazy kate. Holds 3 bobbins. Made from beautiful silver beech hard wood.

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The Ashford Lazy Kate Upright stands upright and holds 3 bobbins (Bobbins not included, you can shop your standard or jumbo sized bobbins by clicking on your selection here, Jumbo Bobbin or Standard Bobbin )

Made from beautiful silver beech hardwood with a natural timber finish.

Please note: While we do our best to have the popular Ashford products on hand, they do sell fast. If this item is in stock then it will be dispatched immediately. If you backorder this item, then your order will  be delayed until a shipment arrives in South Africa. This takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on when the factory dispatched my last order. If you require your product urgently, please let us know and for an additional postage fees, we can ask the factory to urgently send it.

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