Wool Roving – Mixed Colour Packs (50gm)


21 Micron South African Merino Wool Fibre Pack (50g). Dyed, Mixed Colour Packs.


Lovely smooshy South African Merino Wool that is soft and airy. It is classed as a fine quality as the micron count is 21 micron.

Ideal fibre for felting or spinning. This fibre is hand dyed so please bear in mind that each batch will vary and that within a roving there are natural variances in tones and saturation.

Approx 50g

Have a look at our wool roving solid colour options for a wider variety of colours in 50g fibre packs.

Corriedale mixed colour fibre and solid colour fibre packs also available on Wool Craft.

Getting started with Needle Felting

Needle felting is the exciting process of  transforming wool into 3D objects, or adding details to wet felting, using a barbed needle.

The three main ingredients to Needle Felting is felting fibrefelting needle, and a felting surface – all available on Wool Craft.

Choosing a felting needle

We recommend you buy at least two of your desired needles because they tend to break when you first start out. Each type of needle performs a function:

Choosing a Felting Fibre

We have many fibres to play with, keep the following in mind when choosing:

    • Karakul makes for a good base to felt over – it is inexpensive and used to create basic shapes that can be felted over by your chosen fibre.
    • Depending on your project, choose your favourite felting fibre
    • Locks are often used for doll hair, we have dyed locks and undyed locks
    • DO NOT buy superwash, this fibre does not felt


Additional information

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Autumn, Winter, Celebrating Spring, Summer Days, Mixed Pastels, Mixed Rainbow, Mixed Winter Rainbow, Mixed Ocean, Mixed Greys, Mixed Browns, Mixed Greens, Mixed Pink, Mixed Berry, Mixed Sunset